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This Christmas I’m releasing a Christmas song for Shelter and The Trussell Trust (who look after most of the food banks in the UK) the song is called “Christmas at our House” – I had played some gigs for my local food bank and a few local homeless projects earlier this year and last, so I knew both of the charities.

Talking and meeting with the charities makes you realise the tremendous amount of fantastic work that they do, they are lovely people doing amazing things, often just as volunteers, it can be very humbling when talking with them, but they also need people just like you and I to support them or they wouldn’t be able to continue with the incredible work that they do, so it was suggested by my management company that I release a song to raise some much needed funds for them, I had written a Christmas song a few years back and had never done anything with it, so my manager brought the idea to those who we already knew and they loved what they heard and thought the song would be perfect for them, so once everything was approved it all started to move so quickly, we signed contracts and then it was time for the song to be reignited and recorded properly. More good people joined us daily, and lots more are still jumping in to help us, it honestly feels like it’s all meant to be.

Recording of the song took place at a few different studios, we tracked some parts at a local high school with the students involved in the engineering, the playing of some of the instruments, and some of the backing vocals, we then moved onto a home studio where I added the lead vocals, lead harmony, acoustic guitar, cello and bells. And then finally everything went off to a studio in New Jersey USA owned by my good friend Tom Corea, once at the studio the fun really began, we would chat over Skype and Facebook, it was like being in the studio with the guys, we added drums, percussion, bass, lead guitar, and more backing vocals, and then we mixed the song over the airways, proper trans-Atlantic style.

There has also been a beautiful video filmed by the wonderful Frank Scarito and directed by my mate Dave Pibworth. All the actors and actresses were fantastic.

Everyone mentioned and involved in the recording of the song and the filming of the video have worked for free to raise as much money as we possibly can for the charities. I can’t even begin to thank you all enough for being such a big part of all this. You are all wonderful people, and you know who you are.

“Christmas at our House” will hopefully be a massive hit and raise awareness and also lots of money to help both Shelter and The Trussell Trust, the song is released on Monday 30th November 2015 on iTunes/Amazon/Spotify and all other good download places, with a pre-order on iTunes from 22nd of November, the video will be on YouTube and released the same day, and by playing the song you will be helping those who need our help most, Christmas is a tough time for those who are homeless and hungry, but we can all do our bit to try and make it a little easier, and this Christmas is the perfect time to do just that.


So please buy the song and then share the link to the song and the link to our beautiful video everywhere, using the hash tag #ChristmasNumber1

St Albans Film Festival winner

We’re delighted to announce that our beautiful video for Sweetlove Butterfly has just won the best music video award at the St Albans Film Festival 2014, we are obviously all delighted and still flying high with our dreams. A big massive thank you to all at The St Albans Film Festival, and of course to Daniel Gentely who Directed and Produced the video, helped along by:

Christopher Simpson – Assistant Director

Edmund Swabey -Editor

James Daniel-Wilson and Matt James – Camera Operators

Houmam Abdallah – Colourist

And of course the fantastic Stratford Skaters

We done it, and we done it with love, every single person involved with our *award winning* video gave their time, expertise, and more importantly their heart, for free, they all worked tirelessly to make it the beautiful video that it is because they loved the song, and because they are all beautiful people. My heart is with you all when i say thank you, and thank you again, a million times…

Welcome to my website, we’re delighted that you popped over, please have a look around, check the sounds out, and if you like what you hear then please ~ share the love ~


Come Outside and Play Front Cover

Ian’s brilliant and critically acclaimed new EP “Come Outside and Play” is now on general release. Purchase a download from iTunes, Amazon, and all those other digital download havens (links on our store page) or a buy a CD through PayPal on our store page. The wonderful new EP is already receiving massive radio airplay (oh and a wee bit of television too) It’s this years must have feel good music….




“I’m a songwriter and a singer of my songs. I write for me, I write the kind of songs that I want to hear” – Ian Roberts